Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Mission and Values

RNEL Mission

RNEL is a collection of labs working to achieve the same goal: To improve the quality of life of individuals with neurological impairments by advancing scientific understanding of motor and somatosensory systems to engineer new rehabilitation therapies and technologies.


RNEL Values

We strive to provide an exciting, challenging, and supportive environment where all individuals can thrive as we work towards a common mission. The following values summarize our priorities related to building community and enabling scientific progress. 

Community Values

  • Dignity & Respect
    • We believe in the inherent value of every person and we promote a culture of respect for the rights of all individuals, irrespective of identities, beliefs, backgrounds, and other dimensions of difference.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    • We value and uphold diversity, but recognize that diversity alone is not a solution to the systemic barriers that affect marginalized populations across race, gender, sexuality, religion, socioeconomic class, disability, and more. Therefore, we are committed to creating an inclusive and safe environment for everyone who enters our lab, where all voices are heard and valued. We are also committed to implementing equitable practices when recruiting and hiring.
  • Anti-Racism
    • We all have a responsibility to condemn and combat racism and all related oppressive structures. We take this responsibility seriously as a lab, and are committed to continuous anti-racist education in order to recognize and address these issues, as well as their manifestations in the spaces that we inhabit.

Scientific Values

  • Collaboration
    • Interdisciplinary research is integral to our work at RNEL. We strive to foster close cooperation between people from diverse backgrounds to enrich our research and our culture.
  • Responsibility & Integrity
    • We believe that taking ownership of our research and acting with full honesty and transparency is the key to robust research. We approach research using the scientific method and value robust and unbiased research methods and reporting. 
  • Excellence & Innovation
    • We strive to continuously improve our skills and knowledge as we make progress towards the RNEL mission.  We encourage everyone to do work that they are proud of.
  • Mentorship & Training
    • Building a career in academia or industry requires the development of personal and professional skills that go beyond the ability to execute specific research projects. At RNEL, we consider training a fundamental value. We are committed to empowering trainees and peers with the tools they need to build their career trajectories and achieve their personal visions of success. We encourage all members of the lab to act as mentors to others and share their knowledge and opinions freely as we work towards a common mission.