Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Upper Limb Prosthetics Focus Group and Questionnaire

Study Goal

The goal of this research project is to conduct focus groups and administer questionnaires to gather feedback from clinicians and people with amputations related to prosthetic technology.

Study Summary

This study is being conducted as part of a project program that aims to develop an advanced prosthetic limb capable of delivering sensory feedback. In Phase 1 of the project, the goal is to gather feedback from potential users and clinicians to guide the device design and protocol development.  We also hope to gather information about how an upper limb amputee affects a person's daily life and how well available prosthetics are able to meet their needs.

Study Aims

Solicit feedback about prosthetic technology to improve design and guide protocol development
To educate clinicians and people with amputations about advanced neuroprosthetic technology.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Over the age of 18
  • Person with an amputation (other types of limb loss, such as a congenital condition are considered an amputation for the purpose of this study)
  • Clinician who works with people with amputation
  • Person who acts as a regulator or payer for prosthetic technology

Exclusion Criteria

  • Unable to speak or read English

Principal Investigator

Jennifer Collinger, PhD

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