Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Individuals with Stroke

BCI Technology for Stroke

The goal of this study is to conduct focus groups with individuals with stroke regarding their preferences for brain-computer interfaces (BCI), and to determine their suitability and willingness to participate in a long-term BCI implant trial.

Research Eligibility:

  • Diagnosis of subcortical stroke that occured over 1 year ago
  • Minimal finger strength
  • Age 18 or older

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Spinal Plasticity to Reduce Hand Stroke Impairment

The goal of this study is to use spike timing-dependent plasticity (STDP) via non-invasive magnetic stimulation techniques to strengthen the signal between the brain and muscles. 

Research Eligibility:

  • Diagnosis of first ever subcortical stroke at least 6 months ago
  • No history of seizure or epilepsy
  • Age 18-75

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