Rehabilitation and Neural Engineering Laboratory

Research Assistant/GSR Student Position on High-Definition Imaging for Neuroprosthetics

This is a full-time research assistant/graduate student position within the framework of the SPARC program of NIH.  For research assistants, the expectation is to transition to a grad-student position. The candidate will work closely with an interdisciplinary team of neural engineers, neurosurgeons, neurologists, computer scientists, and electrical engineers. With the supervision and support from the faculty investigators, the candidate will be encouraged to develop independency in experiment design, data collection, data analysis, scientific writing and leadership skills.

The candidate will focus his/her work on advanced imaging of the spinal cord to support the design of neurotechnologies for the restoration of autonomic and voluntary neurological functions in people with SCI and stroke.

The candidate will learn to process animal tissue, define advanced high-definition imaging sequences, and using structural imaging to characterize impacts of therapies on neurological disorders, as well as supporting therapy design. There will be opportunities to closely interact with multiple faculty investigators from clinical, engineering, and basic science departments across both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University campuses.

The candidate should possess a background in Neuroscience, (Neuro)Imaging, or Biomedical Engineering. The Candidate should have skills in at least some of these areas:

  • Clinical or animal Imaging
  • Animal Experiments
  • Histology
  • Large data processing
  • Proficient in coding


For Info:

Marco Capogrosso